Auzhan electric appliances (Shanghai)Co.,Ltd is a key enterprise of Shanghai and specialized in the production of electrothermal equipment, including the production of air-cooled heater device, water-cooled heater device, explosion-proof electrical appliances, cast copper cast aluminum heater, ceramic, mica heater, industrial pure titanium heating element, infrared radiation components, and quartz heating components and other products.

Those products are widely used in national defense research, aerospace, electrical machinery, chemical machinery, food machinery, chemical fiber machinery, rubber machinery, printing machinery, plastic machinery, packaging machinery and household appliances and other industries.

Since the reform and development, the company has been adhering to the operating criteria of: based on the domestic market, developing international markets, sticking to measure the company's products with the international standards, and continuously enhancing the international competitiveness of products. The company pays attention to the corporate image and brand strategy, respects for science, values standards, seeks for the best but not the largest, keeps improving and updating products, designs based on its specific application areas to meet the changing market demand, evolves towards a world-class supplier, enhances international competitiveness, and changes the domestic market to be the international market. Its products are exported to the United States, Japan, Australia, Italy, South Korea, Singapore, Brazil, India, Turkey, Taiwan and other places, where they are popular and highly appraised by customers and by the relevant state departments.span>

In the face of the fierce global competition we deeply understand that the new era is pregnant with new markets, as well as new requirements on market product updates, especially after China joined WTO and unified with international practice. Product quality is particularly important. Quality is a kind of value, a dignity, which represents a country's image and the spirit of a nationality, and also an important measure of the business management level. Therefore, we combine the actual situation of domestic and foreign markets, and design and innovate all from the point of practical, environmentally friendly and energy-saving view to enhance the corporate brand image, and to establish the appropriate management system to meet the needs of domestic and foreign markets in accordance with international standards.span>


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